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Prop 65 Compliance Made Easy

We've got your back with Prop 65 Compliance. New 2018 regulations for Prop 65 went into effect in August of 2018, and we actively adhere to compliance regulations with all of our products. In most cases, when labeling is necessary for products delivered to California, we will automatically included the required labeling with no additional charges.

The new regulation changes have to do with how the warning label is displayed, including graphic design and wording

, and when consumers are supposed to see it. These new requirements affect any products manufactured after August 30, 2018, while products manufactured before the cut-off are grandfathered in and able to use historic safe harbor warnings.

On many products, such as mugs and water bottles, tote bags and t-shirts, the labeling refers to trace amounts of chemicals or lead in the inks used on the OUTSIDE of a product. Yet they are still required per law, so we remain committed to compliance to protect our clients.

For more information on Prop 65 compliance, please see this link, and ask us any questions you may have on specific products:

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