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How to Ship Hand Sanitizer UPS Ground

We've had inquiries about shipping promotional hand sanitizer bottles to clients and customers. Here are the updated guidelines to ship Hand Sanitizer via UPS Ground.

When the parameters below are met, there is no special marking or labels needed on the boxes.

Shipping UPS Antibacterial Alcohol Hand Sanitizer bottles:

- 70% ethyl alcohol or less (can be corn ethyl alcohol)

- 16 ounce or less bottle packaging

- Up to 192 ounces total per box total

- Upright packed, secure caps, secondary secure method like bag recommended

- Ground Domestic only, NO air and NO international shipments allowed

Confirm by calling UPS Hazardous Materials Team Phone Line: 800-554-9964

Reference for additional public information:

Provision Code 49 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)

Google Cornell University script of this Citation # 173.150(G):

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