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Our Favorite Custom-Branded Luxe Beach Towels

We love a luxe beach towel, here are some favorites we can brand:

Heavy Luxe Towel: This one is the heaviest at 25lbs/dozen, and has a gorgeous dobby weave trim on the ends, it is very luxe and a huge size at 40" X 70".

I would look at embroidering the colored towel, it or if it is imprinted using the White towel.

This is the White for printing a blue logo on:

This is White for embroidery on one end:

This one 36" X 72" and 20lbs/dozen, comes in Navy or colors and embroidery included: Same as above yet printed tonal only logo very subtle;

Peshtemel Light Cotton: These are fabulous and clients love them- lighter weight yet with a cotton one one side so they dry you well. These are very well-made and hold up great- we can print them or embroider them, nice large size also:

Peshtemel 2 Terry one side: This is another very large and gorgeous Peshtemel with terry backing, the Blue one would look great with a logo printed a darker blue, or embroidered:

Reversible Beach Towels: These beach towels are thick and reversible, very popular. I would embroider as shown in one corner:

Super Wide Towel: This beach towel is super wide so very nice, the Multi-Striped here would be really nice embroidered:

This is the absolute heaviest beach towel made, it is 30lbs/dozen weight and comes in White or Aqua Blue: Jacquard Custom Woven Beach Towels comes in Terry Velour(velour one side)- note woven jacquard takes longer and has a higher setup fee: and this one is the largest and heaviest Jacquard woven towels- note woven jacquard takes longer and has a higher setup fee: Towel Packaging: We can add custom ribbon or an organza bag and add a hangtag like this cost effective bag:


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